• Why QR-Invoices?

    Here are some reasons why you should deal with the subject:

    1. Red and orange deposit forms are abolished.
    2. No forms are required.
    3. Supports invoicing in CHF and in EUR.
    4. Known data such as IABN numbers and reference numbers can still be used.
    5. Reduced error rate due to higher data quality.
    6. The number can be read by traditional document readers and by smartphones.
    7. Can also be used for alternative methods such as e-bill and twint.

    Act now

    The current payment formats will be abolished end of June 2020 . Thus, a clear need for action is identified.

    Conversion and testing, however, take time. Start your conversion project on time.

    Additional information

    Here you can find further information about the topic QR-calculation and QR-part.